Studio Manager

This job has expired.

A unique opportunity to be an integral part of the growth and repositioning of a highly regarded NYC based design firm of 25+ years. As the company strives to continue to be a leader in design, retail and material exploration it needs a steady focused director to keep it on course. 

Experience: 10+ years in the design industry. Knowledgeable of current players and projects in the design world. A nimble and collaborative team player who is also self-motivated with conviction. A strategist and a forward thinking individual with a proven track record who is good with clients and staff. Must have a positive attitude and be a people person


–Work closely with principal to direct day to day company wide operations

–Oversee and manage all individual departments to streamline, establish efficacy protocols, build lasting teams to increase business’s growth

–Oversee all staffing – Manage and direct admin dept. on all HR issues including salary, reviews, employee benefits and all other employee related issues

–Serve as support and point of escalation for internal (including production) teams and external (sales/client issues)

–Facilitate all hiring/firing, managing and executing of employee contracts and agreements

–Manage and direct company’s physical needs including spaces and equipment as well as IT needs

–Maintain legal documents and the needs of the company in conjunction with legal advisors and principal

Internal Company reset:

–Analyze existing positive studio culture and help define its path into the future.

–With accountants and principal establish and manage company’s long and short term financial tracking –including goals, quarterly reviews, establishing and maintaining operating budget

–Re-boot and boost internal company culture.

–Mentor immediate staff

–Help define missing roles and processes

–Embody the company ethos and help evangelize it to the public.

Brand Promotion:

Analyze the current company’s brand, and work with owner to clarify and implement strategy for company’s future growth. Advisor for how the company is positioned in the industry through marketing initiatives, industry connections, PR, public outreach, social media, events and marketing collateral.

–Represent and promote the company publicly.

–Identify and coordinate marketing opportunities.

–propose potential storefront openings, industry events, etc.

–Oversee Website, Social and marketing collateral with principal and external partners.

— Work with Principal to develop strategic plan and road maps for overall company goals and increased revenues

— Carry out these goals from production through to sales

Oversee sales strategy:

Monitor and advise sales strategy with DW and Sales Manager.

–Strategize and troubleshoot potential sales opportunities such as in-store and on-lines sales events, one of a kind pieces, opportunities, etc. with sales Manager.

— Implement outside sales strategy, bring on outside sales person and establish goals and support systems

–Weekly/Monthly check in with Sales team.

–Collaborate with the sales, production and design teams to envision, create, and fulfill potential custom projects – including fee structures, new business proposals and profitability.

Define product opportunities:

Help define and develop products to align with the market. Research product trends, competitive brands, and collaborators to optimize opportunities.

–Find opportunities in the market that play to the strengths of the company.

–Identify untapped opportunities within the company’s existing output.

–Identify potential capitalization of all existing projects.

–Propose and promote one of kind pieces, prototypes, small runs, collaborations.


–Develop and facilitate storefront installations and product launches to boost sales.

–Develop marketing/PR needs for launches and events as well and institute new processes

–Coordinate exhibits and stylistic changes with showroom partner.


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This job has expired.