Senior XD Visual Designer

San Francisco San Francisco
June 2, 2018
This job has expired.

fuseproject is looking for a Senior Visual Designer in our (Digital) Experience Design team, who is creative, passionate, and unwilling to compromise their drive to create stunning and engaging designed experiences that make a difference to our clients, their brand, and their customers.

We are looking for a true student and connoisseur of design, not bound by the constraints of traditional digital thinking nor the expected design patterns and trends that drive the industry. You must lead by example, roll up your sleeves, and love the chaotic and rewarding nature of a design challenge. You should both engage clients you work with and inspire the team working with you.  You should be a hybrid in your thinking, your skillset, and your approach. And like all of us, have willingness and desire to learn every day and see the world through many lenses – always challenging your own assumptions, those around you and willingly step into the unknown.

You should be skilled in the usual set of design tools, and additional hybrid skillsets are preferred. From sketching, illustrating, motion graphics, 3D software, prototyping and understanding of code & emerging technology platforms. Your ability to translate early stage ideas into quick, hi-fidelity concepts is expected and encouraged.  And as a seasoned and fine-tuned weapon of design, you should bring with you a fine eye and appreciation for some structure, intelligent planning and efficiency. You should have an opinion on methodology and practice and weigh into better ways of working without sacrificing the random and often unexpected nature of the design process.

We expect you have curated your work into an impressive portfolio that shows ideas, stories and compelling digital products and platforms. We are looking for a Designer that will bring new creative energy to the table with designs that are refined, considered, current and forward thinking.

Job Details & Skills:

  • Embrace and advocate for hands-on craft, aiming to ideate, concept and deliver work class design
  • Ability to articulate complex solutions clearly
  • Quick-thinking, personable, flexible
  • Ability to span the spectrum from vision, storytelling, and concepting – to deep systematic detail design execution
  • A strong communicator, influencer and cross-functional partner that is able to present solutions; clearly articulate experience design principles and methodology that informs the work
  • Collaborative, inclusive and flexible team member who can successfully work across disciplines with various stakeholder groups, both within fuseproject and across client organizations
  • Able to produce results both independently and collaboratively as a team member and mentor others
  • A design advocate and a strong employer of human-centered design practices that knows how to interpret data to make informed design decisions
  • Experienced with shipping and launching multiple products while having the ability to work within a high demand, fast-paced team
  • Represent fuseproject culture and standards both within the company and to our clients, who are as passionate and excited about their work as we want users to be
  • Solid understanding of systems thinking and integrated holistic thinking including ecosystems
  • Play a key role in the preparation, delivery and presentation to clients
  • Understanding a client’s business and communication goals, and translating them into unique creative solutions
  • Set an example – find new stimulus to disrupt your thinking, develop new interests, travel. Do what you must to stay curious
  • Develop yourself and constantly stretch the offering of the studio and push individual skills sets
  • Support of user research activities such as planning, observations, interviews and synthesis
  • Material involvement in the development of use case scenarios and experience frameworks
  • Ensure rationale behind design decisions and happily discuss the validation and thinking behind these decisions
  • Ensure design decisions are informed by a necessary amount of in-depth technology research
  • Always ensure that deadlines and requested deliverables are met to the highest level of quality, both for internal reviews and external presentations
  • Expert knowledge of graphic design, typography, interaction design, user-centered experience design, brand development, digital product design and the creative process
  • Comprehensive awareness and love of new platforms, technologies, and trends for the digital channel and related mediums
  • Strong ability to prioritize work and resources across engagements based on short and long-term needs
  • Meticulous and obsessively detail oriented

Background & Experience:

  • 5+ years’ experience in a design role

Next steps:

Qualified candidates must present an online portfolio that:

  • Exhibits stylistic breadth, attention to detail, and balances beauty, innovation and usability
  • Demonstrates a passion for digital product development
  • Shows experience with diverse content and subject matter
  • Proves ability to translate high level ideas into unique visual styles and directions, and breaking those down to their individual components
  • A portfolio is an essential piece of any application for a Design role. Applicants who do not supply a link or PDF with samples of their work will unfortunately not be considered.
This job has expired.