Senior Interior Designer

New York City NY New York City NY
November 4, 2020
This job has expired.

Islyn Studio is seeking a full time Senior Interior Designer to participate as an integral part of the design team for wide ranging projects in hospitality and physical space startups. 

Islyn Studio is on a mission to bring people back to their senses. To create a better world through inspired, empathetic design. 

Islyn Studio is a culture of those who believe in the Golden Rule, those who are courageous and know how to cultivate joy, for themselves and other people. We are a team of people with a love of food and travel. At Islyn Studio we care, so much, and always deliver beyond the brief. We’re seeking teammates who find inspiration everywhere. A person who stands up for what’s right, respects the land and the people who live on it. Is a good listener. Is an open-hearted human being and a person who will fight to build a new legacy for the future of our industry.  

As an Islyn Senior Designer, you will create and develop overall design concepts, formulate design presentation strategies, and provide creative and process leadership to multiple design teams through all phases of projects.

Your role will be to push the boundaries of design. Challenge the status quo at every opportunity. Build vendor relationships. Remain flexible at each stage. Ask questions and propose solutions to things that might not be working. Ask others if they need help when you finish early. Celebrate wins of all sizes and, above all, uphold yourself and others to our cultural values at every twist and turn.


  • 6+ years experience 
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Interior Design or Interior Architecture from an accredited College or University
  • 4+ years experience working on projects in the hospitality sector including but not limited to hotels and restaurants
  • Knowledge of the total project process including fee and internal team management, schedules, and client budgets
  • Experience working on all phases from Concept through Construction Administration on hospitality projects like restaurants and hotels, that range in size from the smallest being a pop up to the largest being a fully realized hotel
  • Ability to simultaneously work on and oversee multiple projects ranging in size, complexity and phases at a time
  • Experience opening projects and overseeing installation, styling and photoshoots
  • Working knowledge of ADA codes and standards
  • Experience preparing technical interiors documentation, including FF&E packages, finish/furniture drawings, fabrication details, and specifications, Design Development drawing sets and details
  • Experience creating and developing overall design concepts and formulating design presentation strategies 
  • Outstanding graphic presentation skills 
  • Strong redlining skills
  • A sense of business acumen to advise and guide clients as required
  • Experience coordinating with consultants and vendors to uphold the project vision
  • Expertise level of proficiency in AutoCad, Indesign, Photoshop, Google Sheets or Excel, MS Word, Spec writing programs such as Fohlio 
  • Standard skills such as:
    • Organized, detail-oriented, multi-tasker, and self-motivated
    • Strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
    • Must bring passion, positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to our team
    • Ability to take direction and collaborate with a team
    • Strong ability to juggle multiple tasks in a fast-paced environment
    • Ability to lead and coach younger staff members on project team
    • Understanding and command of Islyn aesthetic
    • Solution-oriented; able to see the “big picture” and understand interdependencies
    • Comfortable presenting ideas – both internally and externally
    • Display a strong work ethic and honesty and adhere to the Company’s Mission, Vision and Values, policies and procedures
    • Display a collaborative and professional attitude
    • Must be flexible to change
    • Adherence to standards and contracts
    • Always has the best interest of the design team
    • Knowledge of industry trends


Senior Designer 

Weekly Meeting Commitments: 5%

Weekly Billable Efficiency: 90%

Weekly Non-Billable Efficiency: 5%

Annual Travel Commitments: 10%

Concept Development & Strategy (35% involvement in phase)

  • Assist in location based research and presenting back those findings to the project team
  • Assist in pulling concept images and overall mood direction
  • Assist in development or directions of the floor plans and program as needed

Schematic Design (25% involvement in phase)

  • Pull design reference images. Ensure all decisions are supporting the approved concept and owner sign offs
  • Host collaboration sessions for sketching of ideas and development of design with the intermediate and junior members of the team
  • Participate in weekly Tuesday and Friday meetings to review progress from the Creative and Design Director
  • Develop floor plans and ceiling plans for areas in project scope
  • Pull FFE concepts and ideas
  • Direct younger members of the team on the approved budget from the client as we move into DD in guidance for them selecting final finishes, fixtures and FFE
  • Produce projected FFE budgets for clients as needed
  • Ensure designs are constructible and feasible prior to design development

Design Development (20% involvement in phase)

  • Co-Lead with the Project Manager the coordination and completion of the Design Development drawing set (Produced by drafting team) and architectural specifications booklets (Produced in House); including but not limited to plans, elevations, millwork drawings, sourcing final finishes, drafting or sketching design details, reviewing the spec books etc.
  • Oversight of the 3D renderings as led by the Intermediate Designer 
  • Review and Redline Specifications as produced by the Intermediate Designer before passing off to Design Director for final approval
  • Ensure everything appears to be in budget and can be delivered on schedule
  • Package final spec books and drawing sets

Construction Documentation (20% involvement in phase)

  • Review and finalize all interior design construction details with the Project Manager as part of the completed drawing set
  • Revise completed designs as needed to work in conjunction with any new updates from the AOR or project consultants  

FFE (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) (20% involvement in phase)

  • Select and coordinate all final FFE, 
  • Draft custom furniture drawings, make final selections of materials and ensure that they are within budget and commercial hospitality standards
  • Redline FFE specs and custom drawings before submitting to the Design Director for final approval
  • Lead the FFE budgets, timelines for shipping, vendor coordination
  • Put together the final FFE spec book in coordination with the Intermediate Designer and assist them with getting it delivered to the client and procurement agent 
  • Initiate the coordination with the procurement team

Construction Administration (40% involvement in phase)

  • Lead the coordination with the procurement team
  • Review and approve FFE shop drawings, finish samples etc.
  • Coordination of the material boxes with the Intermediate Designer 
  • Assist in reselecting Furniture, Lighting and Accessories as needed 
  • Assist in reselecting finishes as needed for the project architecture, as requested by the Project Manager 
  • Attend site visits 
  • Oversee the FFE installation on site
  • Participate in the final styling of the project
  • Attend or Lead the Photoshoot of the final project 

Relationship Management (20% involvement entire project)

  • Attend client dinners as needed
  • Willing to be flexible, collaborative and fast thinking and have the ability to work in the manner that makes the client most comfortable 
  • Lead vendor relationships along side Design Director 

Account/Project Management (25% involvement entire project)

  • Adherence to the Internal and External Schedules
  • Daily coordination with the project team
  • Initiate progress check ins with the Creative and Design Director 
  • Participate in weekly Friday schedule preparation meetings
  • Coordinate with the client as needed
  • Adherence of the client contract

New Business Development (0% involvement overall)

  • Stay abreast and attend local industry events, when possible, to continually promote the studio

Marketing (social media, case studies, publicity) (5% involvement overall)

  • Managed and led by Creative Director
  • Some participation in Instagram, City Guides and journals will be required

Operations (visionary thinking/planning, financial management, HR, IT etc) (0% involvement overall)

  • Managed and led by Creative Director

Process Improvements & Systems (0% involvement overall)

  • Managed and led by Design Director
  • Will be required to participate in training sessions 

Design Entrepreneurship (Furniture) (0% involvement overall)

  • Managed and led by Design Director
  • May be required to participate in the development of product collaborations as led by the Design Director

General Studio Responsibilities/Administration

  • Attend and actively participate in industry-related conferences, seminars, events, etc to stay abreast of trends.
  • Enter billable and non-billable hours accurately in time-keeping system (complete daily before leaving, hours must total all hours worked).
  • Attend and contribute honest input during performance reviews and monthly one-on-ones with the Design Director to ensure own professional development and define and understand yearly and quarterly personal goals.
  • Actively participate in weekly staff and project meetings and creative-led conversations.
  • Participate in client meetings and conversations
  • Check and respond to phone and email messages daily (all written communication, including emails, should be professionally written and without spelling/grammatical errors).
  • Support and advocate for Islyn Studio’s overall culture, values and mission.
  • Contribute to an environment that is positive, efficient, professional, proactive, and team oriented.


Email the following to

  • A brief cover letter in the body of the email
  • Your portfolio which includes photos of projects completed as Senior Interior Designer / design leadership, hand sketching, renderings completed or coordinated by you, FF&E custom drawings and DD-level CAD drawing set
  • Your CV (resume)
  • All attachments, when combined, must be less than 10MB
This job has expired.