Architect – Multiple Positions

Chicago IL Chicago IL
March 19, 2018
This job has expired.

About the Company

JGMA is a progressive architecture and design practice committed to inter-disciplinary collaboration, active community involvement and the enrichment of peoples’ lives through attentive and dynamic organization of space and materiality. We understand that architecture and design have a unique ability to influence civic life and transform communities.

Based in Chicago, we have successfully executed design projects at all scales from small to large. Our team represents a diverse collaboration of talented designers with a vast portfolio of public and private work in the areas of architecture, interiors, planning, product design and graphic design.

Our belief in the collaborative nature of architecture goes beyond the confines of our office, as we strive always to build strong relationships with our clients and across professional disciplines. We are constantly cultivating our conception of what “architecture” is and believe that each project has the potential to create and foster new audiences and lifestyles. Our work is conceptually driven but exhibits high quality and efficiency at every level of the design process and beyond completion.

About the Job

If you are someone who believes architecture still matters, or it pains you when an idea you have meticulously worked on is not realized to perfection, then please submit your resume and portfolio to JGMA. We are looking for talented individuals with various levels of experience.

Requirement for Applicants

Love for architecture.

This job has expired.